In January, I nearly purchased 17 acres of wetlands. Sadly, the seller was a bit unreasonable and the deal dell through.<br/> I looked all over three counties for good land, but everywhere I went there were issues. Then in April, my friend Bob said he had a vacant house with a large lot. There's a shed and a wall (used for banging head up against, I guess) and about 1/2 acre of open space. As of mid-May, I'm still thinking about it. So, I decided I'd best start my farm right at home - 385 Titus Ave. This shot was taken mid-April when I already had two mulch beds set up in the front yard. Besides, I had about 120 bags of leaves which I collected from around the neighborhood last fall... I turned this (dead leaves)... ...into THIS (Rick's Natural Triple Cut Garden Mulch), which, I realized could be a great product to develop with no gardening involved at all, but, I digress. This is the beast that triple cut the leaves; purchased for $30 off Craigslist. Well, actually, I had to push it around a lot. Hard work... builds character. The first thing I did was set up a kind of totem where I planted peas. Gotta eat your peas, you know. Late April, a crew came by and cut some branches away from power lines on Titus. I asked them to cut mine way back and I'd take the rest of the tree down myself. The result was a kind of half-tree. Then, the tulips started popping up. This is where things start becoming FUN! "Alpha Tulip" found its way to the front yard all alone. May 18: front yard with three mulch beds. The two big ones are for tobacco, the fenced one has wildflowers already sprouting. Plum grove... The back yard with pea totem in foreground and three large mulch beds. Note the privacy screen I built in back from 1x2s and a roll of burlap. The neighbors love it! The frog (left) and goldfish (right) ponds. I have four tadpoles which will be frongs in a month or so, and six goldfish. They're a riot. Aerial view of (most of) back yard. Already in the ground (mulch) are onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and... ...PEAS! They love the mulch. I have seedlings of three other tomato varieties, broccoli, four pepper varieties, eggplant and the tobacco seeds are starting to sprout! Tomato seedlings. Today the lettuce, spinach, squash, watermelon, kinoa, cantelope, celery, dill and basil go in. More to come. Hope you enjoyed the show.
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